Speed Changeable Wheel

  • Double Layer Speed Changeable Wheel φ210mm,250mm,300mm

    Double Layer Speed Changeable Wheel φ210mm,250mm,300mm

    Our speed changeable wheel is made of  aluminum. This make it easy to read the scale marks and better to facilitate subtle precise adjustment. It has two types single layer and double layer with different size: φ210mm,φ250mm and φ300mm. High precision pulsation within 0.1mm, calibration using laser marking and engineering plastic slider which is more durable. The shaft core and adjusting nut are treated with electroplating, good quality and competitive price.We guarantee with high precision and competence.With specially designed production equipment, we produce wide range of creel&speed changeable whee and other knitting machine spares such as: yarn feeder, positive yarn feeder, yarn storage feeder, electronic yarn storage feeder, yarn roller and so. On.. Also, we are capable of modifying the products to suit your particular needs. We ensure the highest quality of products with our excellent quality control and testing system. For any require or need for the knitting machine spare parts, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, or call us, we are glad to answer your requirement.