Keep Tension Yarn Feeder Jzkt-1 Knit Machine Spare Parts

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The JZKT-1 Keep tension yarn feeder is type of yarn guide feeder for separating coil, which is designed for the feeding of both elastic and non-elastic yarns at a constant tension into the braiding machine or loom machines. The sensor measures the yarn tension and adjust the feeding speed accordingly. The required yarn

tension levels can be preset by using the keyboard. And the display screen shows actual and preset values for yarn tension in cN, and the current yarn speed in m/min.

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Techinical data

Voltage:  DC24V

Current: 0.5A(Depends on actual application)

Max Power: 50W

Average Power: 12W (Depends on actual application)

Yarn Diameter Allowance: 20D-1000D

Max Yarn Feeding Speed: 1200 meter/min

Weight: 500g


Automatically adjusting the yarn tension;

Realizing constant yarn tension to ensure an even knit structure and a more stable fabric weaving

Lower power consumption, higher machine efficiency, fewer fabric faults

Realize data interworking, fixed length stop and other functions.

Easy using.Automatic zero-setting of yarn tension sensor, save time and cut costs.

JZKT-1 Component


Switches / Sockets


A.Yarn Separation adjusting screw

Adjusting coil separation on the yarn wheel

B.Option bottom

Scroll the options in the display

C.Confirm/Exit button

Select or cancel in-display options

D.Feeding clip

Adjust the yarn tension of the input yarn

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