Jzs3 Yarn Feeder Upper Arm Anti-winding For Flat Knit Machine Spares

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With the need of high quality fabric,the needs of outstanding machines is getting more and more.As a part of  knitting machine,yarn feeder has played an important role.With this expectation,our goal is to provide the best quality yarn feeder with the most appropriate price. On the basis of the common yarn feeder, to reducing the yarn winding issue, we develop a new Yarn Feeder that equipped with an upper swing arm device. This is called anti-winding yarn feeder upper arm. The yarn would go through the ceramic eyelet on the upper arm device which reduce the winding issue. It is easy to use, can prevent the yarn from being hung up when passing through, reducing the woolen flock. In this way, it would greatly reduce yarn wrapping. The ceramic eyelet of the upper swing arm device is with good quality, really smooth, which reduces the friction between yarn and machine. Hence has a long using life.If you have any other detail needs, pls feel free to send us your requirement, we are here for you.

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Revolution Speed:3000r/min,4000r/min, 5000r/min

Weight: 7.0kg

Patent No.: 201720257096.9

Yarn feeder with upper arm anti winding function

Yarn feeding tension can be adjusted.


With special craft manufacturing.

Material is made of special aluminum and processed by CNC to ensure high precision and tolerance.

The surface of yarn roller is treated by special technology to guarantee high wear-ability and anti-static. It is warmly welcome in the flat machine.

It has fine anti-corrosion and ant-attrition performance.

Upper arm device reducing yarn wrapping, improving weaving speed.

Low vibration and low noise , improving machine feeding efficiency

Friction roller layer suitable for various of yarn, anti-winding and anti-static.

Friction between the yarn and the machine is reduced, greatly improve the weaving fabric quality, hence longer using life for the feeder.

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