Stoll Flat Knit Machine Roller Friction Roller

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The STOLL flat knit machine Roller friction roller is specially design for STOLL yarn feeder flat knit machine. The main function of the feeder with the stick is to pull the yarn out of the frame and transfer it to the loom for further fabric processing. In addition, it can also finish and correct yarn, so as to ensure the consistency of yarn, so as to reduce the surface defects of fabric and product quality problems.
The yarn friction roller has anti-static, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion. It is with great accuracy. When the yarn feeding speed is at 8000 RPM (equivalent to 15 meters/second), our naked eye can not even feel it is rotating.The surface of the feeder is treated by new technology to reduce the possibility of tangles or broken threads caused by penetrating material into the fibers. In addition, the finish helps to maintain the fiber’s finish and reduce surface friction, thus improving the overall fabric quality.
Our good quality well satisfied with customer, we can also do OEM, you can feel free to send us the design and requires, we have qualified technician team to serve you.

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Anti-static, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion

Friction roller layer aluminium oxide

Draft customized, bearing dedicated, high temperature and high speed bearing

More stable and smooth yarn feeding

Longer life, less noise

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