Computerized Flat Knit Machine Parts Brushless Dc Yarn Feeder

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The brushless DC yarn feeder is a type of yarn feeding device with a super quality brushless DC motor single-axis direct-link . This new device has smaller size, compact structure, can be easily used. The DC brushless motor has reliable performance, never wear, low failure rate and higher life than brushless motor. The feeder can be continuously variable speed, can be improve the motor energy efficiency while greatly improving the weaving efficiency. The efficiency of brushless DC motor can reach more than 96%, high efficiency, high energy conversion, electric energy into motor rotation mechanical energy is high, direct performance is energy saving, than the traditional motor energy saving more than 20%, long-term use of higher cost performance, high energy saving effect of motor is very obvious.
This is our new develop from the common yarn feeder, besides, we are capable of modifying the  yarn feeders to suit your particular needs. We ensure the highest quality of products with our excellent quality control and testing system. With many years manufacturing and exporting experiences, we are qualified to offer your competitive price products with super quality and after sale services.
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Revolution Speed:3000~6000r/min


Patent No.:201820423043.4


Smaller size, compact structure, lower light, less weight for the machine;

Suitable for all kinds of yarn type;

The friction roller layer with special technology enable the yarn to weaving more smooth and stable, lower the yarn friction, improve the fabric quality;

Yarn feeding speed can be adjusted, the feeder can be continuously variable speed, improving the motor energy efficiency while greatly improving the weaving efficiency;

Speed control performance is more stable;

Low noise, because of its simple structure, the parts and accessories can be installed and operated smoothly;

Low power consumption, more energy saving, improving machine feeding efficiency.

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