3D Shoe Upper Fly Flat Knit Machine yarn feeder JZS3

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This anti-winding yarn feeder with lower arm is equipped with an lower arm device which has been developed since 2014. The main feature is   that  the feeder can be used for different types of yarn feeding at the same time, which significantly reduces the probability of “yarn entanglement problem” in the process of yarn feeding. Because of the uniform yarn tension, no holes, no needle leakage and other advantages, the production of the shoe upper is more beautiful. At present, 70% of the 3D flying woven upper computer flat machine in the market all use our company’s yarn feeder. The popularization and use of this technology improves the production efficiency of 3D flying woven upper, reduces the production cost, and improves the product quality.

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Technical data


Revolution Speed:3000r/min,4000r/min, 5000r/min

Weight: 7.0kg

Patent No.:201720257096.9


Can be used for different types of yarn that feeding at the same time

Lower arm device reduces the probability of "yarn entanglement problem"

Low vibration and low noise , improving machine feeding efficiency

Friction roller layer suitable for various of yarn, anti-winding and anti-static

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