Positive Yarn Storage Feeder For Flat Knit Machine Spares

Short Description:

The positive yarn feeder is with voltage 42V, it is also called mechanical intermittent storage feeder
for flat knit machine. It consists of a storage cylinder with a 42V motor inside. The cylinder is turned by the motor to wind the yarn. The motor is controlled by a mechanical switch on the top cover. The storage cylinder stops turning immediately after power cut off. It’s used to adjust and stabilize yarn feeding tension. It consists of a storage cylinder with a micro motor inside. The storage cylinder turns under the drive of the micro motor. The topline layer of the yarn is wound and the motor is switched by the inclined ring on the storage cylinder. When the yarn layer is reduced, the inclined ring is lowered, the switch is switched on, and the motor drives the yarn storage cylinder to rotate and wind the yarn; When the yarn reaches a certain amount, the skew ring is lifted, the switch is disconnected, and the yarn storage cylinder is stopped, so that a certain amount of yarn layer is always maintained on the yarn storage cylinder, so as to ensure that the whole valve of yarn unwinding condition is consistent, the yarn feeding tension is even, and the yarn feeding is stable.

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Technical data

Voltage: 42V single phase

Power: 50W

Application: Flat knit machine/Collar machine/scarf machine

Weight: 1.8kgs


Suitable for all kinds of yarn;

The storage cylinder stops turning immediately after power cut off;

Compared to the market current sold positive yarn feeder rotors which are made of aluminum material, our positive yarn feeder rotor is made of copper wire material, the advantage is that when the rotor is turned for a long time, our temperature keeping low, not so hot, not easy to burn, cost saving for you.

Yarn wring is made of imported material, yarn anti-winding and anti-static;

Motor with super quality, improving machine feeding efficiency;

Alarming light can be easily seen

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