Yarn Measuring Device For Flat Knit Machine

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We have invented a yarn length measuring device which can measure and measure the length or amount of a certain section of fabric. The results CAN be obtained through the CAN interface. The yarn measuring device can measure the yarn mater that feeding in minutes, enable the machine to know the yarn tension that it obtain when feeding. The accuracy of yarn measurement is 0.1mm. The differences is less than 1%. And it is light, very easy to install. The voltage is DC24V.  It can Can accurately measure the yarn feeding amount of the 8 strands yarn. The working principle of yarn length measurement is to measure the length of each section on the fabric using a software measuring device or a digital measuring disc, so as to test the accuracy and consistency of the fabric size. During the measurement process, the fabric will undergo a series of mechanical treatments to ensure the accuracy of the measured length. Please feel free to contact us for any requirement, our professional engineering group will always be ready to serve you for consultation and feedback.

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Accuracy of measurement:0.1mm




Can measure the yarn length accurately;

Can measuring the yarn feeding amount of the 8 strands yarn simultaneously;

Yarn length measurement can help the manufacturer control the quality of the fabric, reduce scrap and return and production costs, and make the fabric more suitable to the seller's requirements;

Yarn length measurement can also help the producer to avoid the impact of different sizes on fabric performance, so as to ensure the consistency of fabric, flatness and structural consistency.

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